Changing DNS Settings at GoDaddy

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Detailed step by step instructions for changing DNS with GoDaddy can be found here.

Below is a short version of these instractions.

To Edit an A Record and CNAME

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. In the My Products section, click Domain Manager.
  3. Click the domain name you want to update.
  4. In the Total DNS section, click Total DNS Control.
  5. Click   to edit the domain's @ Record (Naked domain) and any sub-domain's that should use Incapsula (Typically www)
  6. Complete the following and then click OK:
    • Points to IP Address
      • For the @ Record, enter the IP Address that was provided during the domain setup on Incapsula.
      • For the Sub-domain, enter the host name that was provided during the domain setup on Incapsula.
    • TTL — Set the shortest possible TTL value (1/2 hour)
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    Richard Mellor

    Remove the CNAME (Alias) "mail"

    Make an A record (Host) entry "mail" and point it to your original IP

    Make a single MX (Mail Exchange) entry that has 0 priority, "@" as the Host, and "" under "Points to"

    Remove any other MX entries

    Again, for FTP - remove the CNAME entry for ftp and create a new A record for ftp pointing to your original IP address of hte site

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