Changing DNS Settings with cPanel

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To Edit an A Record and CNAME in cPanel

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
  2. Under the Domains section click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor 
NOTE: If you only have Simple DNS Zone Editor available, contact your provider to assist you with the changes
  1. Under Zone File Records locate your naked domain entry (example: and click Edit
  2. Change the IP address to the IP address that was provided to you during the setup process and click Edit Record
  3. Locate the sub domain that you would like to safeguard with Incapsula (typically "") and click Edit
  4. Set the record type to CNAME and enter the CNAME value that was provided to you during the setup process and click Edit Record

Congratulations! Your records are now configured. Keep in mind that these changes may take several hours to take effect.

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    Eddie Rowe

    If I use the Advanced DNS Zone Editor I have a field named TTL with a number, TYPE with a pulldown for A, CNAME and TXT. Based on the email/website I left this value as "A" and the TTL as 14400, but confirmation to leave the fields "as is" would be helpful.

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    @eddie, there is a great tutorial for setting up Incapsula with cPanel here:

     I am not sure what you mean with "a field named TTL", TTL is an attribute for every DNS entry.

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    It would be great if you could add how to do with the e-mail settings. I tried exactly what was provided in the link but it still does not work to receive e-mails.

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    Never mind my above post. It seems to have worked after all. It was just delayed for some reason.

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    HY1P Monitor

    Nice tutorial, Thanks for help my site

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    Dave Roitner

    I followed the tutorial above and still did not get any email. How long does this take for the mx record changes to take effect? It's been about 12 hours and I cannot go any longer loosing all my business emails.  And it still shows that have not changed my records in incapsula.

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    It should take less than 12 hours. It is likely that you have setup your mx records incorrectly.

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    Dave Roitner

    Thanks rEax

    Here is what I have before making the change in MX records to the incapsula set up:

    Priority = 0

    Destination =

    What should it be? ?

    in my DNS settings what should CNAME record setting be? and should there be an A record?

    The technically easy tutorial is quite good although my initial settings seem to be a little different and it's got me a little confused.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    gianni giovanni

    HELLO, im new and trying incapsula i tried but don't want accapt  the cname i receive

    Change to CNAME:   for me don't work in cpanel a receive this error

    CNAME must be a valid zone name.

    someone have an issue for that


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    Village Pointe

    Hello I am getting the same error

    When I change the CNAME to the one given by you, cPanel gives me an error message - CNAME must be a valid zone name

    How do I fix this??????

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    Village Pointe

    ok...never mind...there was an extra space at the end of the cname URL. Removing the space at the end fixed it.

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    Don Omondi


    This is not a support request but a problem I faced and a solution I would like to share.

    I was having a hard time changing my DNS records for one reason or the other. Then I decided to search the joomla forums, and turns out that a famous extension developer called NoNumber has developed a plugin that can use any CDN if you register and know the domain. Here is the link

    I installed it and used the domain Incapsula told me to change my DNS records to. I still installed Incapsula's plugin but having the NoNumber plugin removed the need to change DNS records. Now my Incapsula dashboard gives me statistics showing that it is working. I really wanted to share this solution for anyone else experiencing problems such as mine as using a CDN especially Incapsula who rate the highest in terms of security is very helpful.

    Don Omondi

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