How do I cancel my Incapsula account?

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Online Plans (Pro and Business)

Cancellation of an Incapsula account is preformed by the Incapsula support personal, upon request. In order to avoid any avoid any cases of accounts being charged while awaiting cancellation, please take the following steps prior to contacting for account cancellation: 

  1. Login to Incapsula Management Console
  2. Downgrade your plan to Free. You can do it at Account>Plan>Change Plan section.
  3. Remove all domains from your account.
  4. Revert all the DNS changes you have made while you were on Incapsula.

Please note that an account cancellation request must come from account's administrator. Requests coming from other, non administrator users will require the account administrator's written confirmation from the email listed on Incapsula's end.

We are constantly trying to improve Incapsula's service; if you'd like to share your reasons for leaving , you can email us at


Enterprise Plans

Enterprise plans are usually contracted for a full year. An Enterprise customer wishing to cancel their account will need to contact their account manager. If the customer does not know who their account manager is, consult SalesForce (for Imperva customers) or the Incapsula Sales team (for Incapsula customers).

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    is it all over?
    no more paid for?

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    Yair Uziel

    @bond - correct, once the plan is changed to Free you will not be charged in the future.

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    Account>Plan>Change Plan section.
    cannot find iy :(

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